Sound Modules

AGC Sound has a great selection of sound modules, as we sit on the cutting edge of sound technology. We are a nationwide distributor for all our sound products. Our sound modules are great for any occasion! Get a fun sound module for greeting cards, brochures, boxes, tubes, displays, toys, etc. Record custom sounds up to 60 seconds and longer! Making the greeting card extra special for those receiving it.

Please check out our various sound modules below!

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Greeting Card Sound Modules

AGC Sound has been providing customers nationwide with innovative sound technology. Included in our inventory is a sound module selection that is tough to top! These sound modules can be used for various fun applications. Use one as a greeting sound module for a card that you are sending to a loved one. Customized cards are great for a friend or family member. Get fun and witty when you use one of our custom sound modules to use as greeting cards.

Fun Sound Module Technology

You can use our sound module technology for other fun reasons, too. They are perfect for invitations for a party or event. Or use the module for promotional purposes to help grow your business. Maybe use one for brochures to hook prospective customers or clients. Use the customized sound how you see fit! Or choose a sound from our extensive sound library. With our sound technology at your disposal, the possibilities are seemingly endless! Get the most out of our sound module technology by opting for the custom options and record a message that is personal and unique to you!

Call For More Information

For more information about all that we offer, please reach out to us today. The number to call is 516-352-7151. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our selection of sound modules. When you call, we can also go over all of the pricing details, as well as the sounds you can put into the module. We will even help you create a unique custom sound button! So if it is the latest in sound technology you want, turn to the pros at AGC Sound!