Keychains With Sound

Your custom sound and art on a keychain! We have a great selection of custom shaped keychains for sale, which you can see below. From recordable keychains to custom artwork, make these keychains you! You can record personal and fun messages. Perfect for gifts or simply make one for yourself!

These recordable, push button activated keychains offer great features, such as one having six separate buttons that each play a different custom sound, voice or message up to 10 seconds or 30 seconds. We even have a squeeze activated keychain that is fun.

Great Selection of Custom Shaped Keychains

Check out all of the recordable keychains in our inventory. We have a great selection of custom shaped keychains for sale. You can even purchase one with a custom sound button. Get the most out of your money with the innovative sound technology from AGC Sound. Offering fun options for keychains with sounds.

Check out our full selection below!

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AGC Sound has been an innovator in sound technology since 1982. We offer all sorts of fun sound modules for various purposes. From personal reasons, to promotional giveaway, for retail cards, get the best and latest in sound technology when you turn to AGC Sound.

For more information about our custom recordable keychains, please reach out to us today. Get keychains with custom sounds when you turn to AGC Sound! A great promotional item to give people at events or in your office. With our custom sound button, you can record a sound that is unique to you. But of course, we also have a great selection of fun sounds in our sound library to choose from, too.