Custom Sound Button

AGC Sound has been in business since 1982 and has been developing and producing the finest in sound technology ever since. Now, we are one of the leading innovators of sound modules, which includes the creation of a custom sound button. This button is perfect for all sorts of uses. Cards, boxes, displays, brochures, you name it! And though we do have an extensive sound library, we also offer all customers the chance to customize the sound themselves!

Custom Sound ButtonSo please, contact us today for more information about all of the sound modules technology we offer! The number for our office is 516-352-7151. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for the sound items you want. We can also discuss any custom sounds you want for the button or module.

The Fun Of A Custom Sound Button

As mentioned, we have an extensive sound library. However, that is not nearly as fun and exciting as creating a button with your own custom sound! Customized sounds can be used for many of our sound modules, so your options are not limited. We allow for custom sounds of up to 60 seconds, and even a bit longer is possible! Make a fun greeting for a friend or family member. Or add a unique touch to a brochure. Even use it as part of an interactive display! The possibilities are endless! The only limitation is your creativity! And if you are searching for ideas, well, then perhaps check out our sound library. Maybe you find something that sparks a thought!

And if you are worried about the difficulties of customizing your own sound, don’t be! All of the sound modules we offer are simple and easy to use. So you can add your sound at your leisure. Of course, if you do need assistance, we will gladly help! We understand that you want it to be perfect, so our team can guide you through the process.