Promotional Sound Cards

AGC Sound: Innovators of Sound Products

Promotional sound cards are a fun way to promote your business. With our help, these cards can be customized to get the look and sounds you want. Our quality printed cards come with a variety of sounds available. Simply check out our sound library to browse through our extensive selection! Or you can supply us with your own voice, sound or music! We know many people love being creative and our promo cards afford them that opportunity.

For more information about our selection of promotional sound cards, please call our office today! The number to dial is 516-352-7151. When you call, we can provide you with a quick consultation and go over all of the types of cards available to you! AGC Sound is a leading innovator of sound products. We have been in business since 1982 and many businesses and companies turn to us for affordable promotional sound cards. It is a great way to publicize your business!

Custom Promotional Sound Cards

When you turn to us, you get options. The 5″ x 7″ is our most commonly requested card size. But we are very flexible with the cards that we produce. So you aren’t stuck with just one size. Our cards can be made as small as 2 1/2″ square or as large as 9″ x 12″. Simply choose the size card that best suits your needs. You can also add a business reply card to your design, which is a great way to promote your business. Flashing LED lights can also be added to make the card more appealing to look at. And die-cutting is available.

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AGC Sound is a nationwide leader in innovative sound technology products, including the distribution of great customizable promotional sound cards. You can supply us your own sounds or choose from our extensive library. For more information about any of our sound products, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding all of the innovative sound items we offer. The number to call is 516-352-7151. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and go over all of the details regarding the process. We can also provide you with an estimate and our pricing options. So please, don’t delay and call today!